10 Things You’ll Do as a New Parent That Are More Important Than You Think

As a new parent (whether it’s your first or fourth baby) it’s natural to question yourself, and to focus on things you think have gone wrong rather than what’s going right. We share ten things you’ll do that are more important than you think.

With so much responsibility suddenly placed on your shoulders and with everything being so new and bewildering, it’s no surprise new parents often stress about doing the wrong thing. In fact, even when you have your second or third, you’ll probably still question yourself.

Every pregnancy, birth and baby is different and more often than not there’s no right or wrong way of doing things. You can read books, attend multiple antenatal classes and Google anything and everything, but despite being armed with information, whether you’re going to do it ‘right’ is still a worry.

As inevitable as dwelling on parenting mistakes probably is, take a look at this list and use it as a reminder of all the important things that you probably won’t even think about. Remember to trust your instincts, praise yourself and celebrate small wins.

  • You feed them. When they’re hungry they can count on you to feed them.
  • You are the best comforter there is. They might have a soother to help them sleep, but nothing will beat a cuddle from you. You’ll bring them peace and make them feel safe.
  • You make them smile. You’ll soon get to know what they like and what makes them smile or laugh.
  • Before too long you’ll able to decode a cry and know whether they’re tired, hungry, wet or just need a cuddle.
  • You’re a superhero in disguise. Teacher, nurse, cleaner, chef – there are endless roles you will fulfil daily.

It’s important to note that these skills aren’t instant – it’s like a new job or an apprenticeship – you’re not expected to know it all when you start, you learn as you go. Then just when you think you have it sussed, you get it wrong – point is, you’re learning and so are they and there will be far more things you’ve done that are right. You are there for them when they need it most and that’s what matters.

As your child gets older, so too does your list of parenting wins…

  • You have magical powers. You’ll pick them up, dust them off and will have the ability to make everything better with a hug or a kiss.
  • You’ll understand toddler-speak, deciphering made up words and incomprehensible sentences. Even when they can’t speak at all you will find a way to understand them.
  • You make them happy. Playing with them, pushing them on the swing and singing nursery rhymes to them – they can count on you to fill their days with fun.
  • Even though you will read their favourite book a thousand times, you’ll still read it night after night because they love it.
  • You are their role model. Every day you teach them new skills – physically and mentally. Most importantly, they learn what it feels like to be loved.