Easy End of Year Gifts for Teachers

It can be difficult thinking of teacher gifts that are thoughtful AND affordable. We’ve got you covered with a few ideas for the perfect teacher or nursery graduation gift!

End of year gifts for your child’s teacher or nursery key person are a sweet and thoughtful way to show your appreciation. Perhaps your toddler is even graduating from nursery and will be moving on to ‘big school’ in September. However, costs can rise quickly, especially with multiple children and an array of teachers, cover teachers and classroom assistants to buy for. Here are some easy ideas to say “thank you” this year.

  • Handwritten card from your child
    Nothing says it better – and could be simpler – than a letter or card written by your child, addressed to their teacher or key person. If your little one is very young, you could have them create their own artwork on the front of a card, and then write the message for them. Older children can write something themselves, which is always well-received by teachers.
  • Personalised plant pots
    Mini succulents or herb plants are an inexpensive option and can be purchased from any supermarket or garden centre. Grab one with a plain pot and get your little one to help decorate it. Write their teacher’s name on the front for a personalised touch.
    The green-fingered among you can go one further if you grow your own plants and have spare pots to hand.
  • Stationery goodies
    This one is good if you have a few teachers to cover, since you can buy multipacks of pens/highlighters etc. and split the contents into multiple gift bags or boxes. Useful items to include are coloured gel pens, whiteboard markers, highlighters, stickers, paperclips, sticky notes and erasers.
  • Personalised notebook

    Teachers often need to jot things down. A notebook with their name on the front means that everything can be kept in one place, and the notebook is more likely to be returned to them if they do end up misplacing it!

  • Individual cupcakes or biscuits
    You can choose to either buy or bake your own, depending on your abilities. The fun is in decorating. Ask your child to help, and get stuck in with buttercream, icing, and cake decorating pens. You can write your child’s teacher’s initials or name on the top, or craft something from fondant icing if you’re feeling fancy. Take a look at some of our sweet treats recipes to try at home.
  • Giftcards
    Though a gift card may not seem quite as thoughtful for a family member, they make great ideas for teachers. An Amazon gift card is always useful, but coffee shop vouchers and gift cards to stationery stores also go down a treat.