20 Maternity Leave and Postnatal Wellbeing Supports

Take a look at our list of resources to help support new parents through this challenging and unique time.

As if new parenthood isn’t challenging enough, lockdown has created a whole range of other unexpected hurdles for many of us.

You may be pregnant or on maternity leave, you may be looking for arrangements to return to work or juggle a baby while home-schooling an older sibling, but whatever your home situation, lockdown has disrupted what you might’ve expected to face as your pregnant and postnatal ‘norm’.

New and expectant parents have been challenged to adapt and find new ways to live and manage the family juggle. We’ve collated a range of 10 useful online resources* to help you navigate maternity in lockdown and 10 key sites to support you with postnatal wellbeing.

Lockdown Maternity

  • Bounty – Apart from receiving actual bumper packs full of freebies, the website is full of useful information and free resources which will support you throughout your parental journey. Their app is also very useful for example for monitoring your baby’s sleeping pattern. You can subscribe to receive a regular email updated about your baby development journey.
  • Emma’s Diary – Similar to Bounty, focusing on all prenatal journey. Also offers medical advice to help you from our board of GPs and midwives.
  • NCT –Offers support parents through the first 1,000 days to have the best possible experience of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.
  • HAPPITY – You can find baby classes and groups near you. Many may currently offer online sessions via teams or zoom calls, giving you an opportunity to meet other mums.
  • Happy Parents Happy Baby - has a wonderful blog with tonnes of tips and first hand experiences of new parents as well as their own team of specialists. It also offers free taster sessions for baby classes whether it’s baby massage, music or sensory and even a ‘Daily Dose of Happiness’ with daily live Instagram sessions covering everything from pregnancy pilates, to nursing bra advice, relaxation sessions to Covid pregnancy health Q&As.
  • POP UP Pregnancy & Postnatal Support Scotland – this Facebook group has been a hugely useful resource for women to share tips, advice and support for what’s happening across Scotland.
  • Working Mums - some great resources to look at before you return back to work or if you looking to new flexible working opportunities.
  • Parent Club - offers a range of information for parents with specific resources for the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Online peer-support groups have been great to connect with other new mums, you should be able to find one that covers your local area on Facebook.

Postnatal Wellbeing

It’s important to look after our mental wellbeing, as parenthood wouldn’t bring enough challenges on its own, with lockdown thrown into the mix, it’s only natural we can sometimes feel very emotional or experience feelings which may be challenging to manage. Just like any physical problem, mental health conditions is not something that you should just ‘snap out of’. Never be afraid to speak to your partner or your midwife, health visitor or doctor how you feel.

  • NHS
  • Tommy’s - You can make post-birth wellbeing plan which will help you to look after yourself. There is a plenty of information and advice
  • MIND - the mental health charity
  • HOUSE OF LIGHT - This charity established in 2007 that has been providing counselling support, advice and information for women and their families affected by mental illness.
  • APNI – A charity supporting anyone suffering from or affected by Post Natal Illness.
  • PSS – A national charity, offering a support to anybody who’s been through unsteady times.
  • BLUR IT OUT – A social enterprise dedicated to helping those affected by depression.
  • Fathers Reaching Out – Aimed at men, focusing at new fathers’ mental health.
  • PaNDAS - is the leading UK charity supporting families through PND & AND
  • Find your local charity - You will have an give you an opportunity to meet other parents and have chat over a cup of tea in a more informal environment. During coronavirus crises they may organise walks outdoor or offer support via zoom calls.

Social Media

Just search on social media for #pndchat on twitter to connect with others or for #pndhour every Wed from 8-9pm on Twitter.

And if you’re expecting:

  • Positive Birth Movement - offers an online course, specifically designed for those who are pregnant and due to give birth during the Covid-19 pandemic.

*Please note that the above links are general signposting and are not a specific endorsement or recommendation by Bright Horizons. Should you utilise or download any resources, any exchange of data is solely between you and that provider – please note that the resources may be subject to their own terms and conditions and / or privacy notice. (As Bright Horizons has no control of the contents of the external resources, it can assume no responsibility or liability for these resources or the provider’s use of any data you share with them.)