Top techniques to de-stress children

Listen to Calm Music
It's such a joyful way to calm their busy little minds, relax their muscles and make them feel optimistic about life.

Exercise is vital for healthy growth and development. It doesn’t just help to build their strong muscles but has a positive impact on their sleep, it reduces any anxiety feelings and boosts their self-esteem because during exercise our bodies releases endorphins, which create a positive feeling.

Meditate and Concentrate on Deep Breathing
A feeling of total relaxation can be achieved by this simple breathing technique which slows the breathing rate and decrease the heart rate. Teach your child to take a few deep breaths, hold it for a few seconds before releasing it. On inhaling, the abdomen should expand and not the chest.

Once your child learns this you can weave any positive message and visualisation while meditating and listening to calm music, apart from relaxing one's mind, this technique also boosts one's confidence and makes your child feel more positive. Also, yoga is a fantastic way how to enjoy all these relaxation benefits combined with exercise.

Take Breaks and Relax
Make sure there is still time to play and switch off from the routine during the busy family schedule. Allow him sometimes to take ‘time off’ and manage his own time.

Spend Quality Family Time
Family time is hard to come by in the world of modern technology. Whether you or your partner find it hard to switch off your work phone, or your child has a lot of homework, or wants to play with their friends, family time can be a rare commodity. Try and fit some time in around everyone's busy schedule, and you'll all be sure to feel the benefits.

Sleep & Eat Well
Healthy food and enough sleep is a must to any happy child, but it is also valuable to yourself too!

Laugh and Think Positive
The ability to laugh and to see the bright side to life is a crucial when raising a happy and resilient child.

Dream & Visualise
Experts say that picturing positive things makes you feel happy as well as helping you to change your focus. Encourage your child to imagine something he likes, positive images or bright colours. Create a calm environment, encouraging your child to lie down, play soothing music and use soothing voice. Lead him through positive or various scenarios which will make your child feel positive, relaxed and happy.