Preparing for the summer holidays – Part 1

With the summer holidays fast approaching, many parents will be starting to plan for activities to do with their children throughout the 6 week break.

Don’t forget, if you are due to work over the summer holidays and are yet to sort childcare, Bright Horizons offer a summer holiday learning fun club, which caters for children up to the age of 8, subject to availability. 

But if you do have some time off, here are a few great ideas of what you can do with your family during the summer:

  • Have a picnic in the park

When the weather turns nice, it is the perfect opportunity to take the family to the park and have a picnic. Get your children involved when preparing the picnic, explaining the importance of a balanced diet and what goes in to preparing food. Don’t forget to take a blanket to sit on at the park!

  • Plan a theatre or cinema visit

During the summer holidays it is likely that your local area will have lots of shows and films for children, to keep them entertained throughout the summer! Visit your local cinema or theatre to see what is on!

  • Nature walk in a country park

If you are lucky enough to have a country park near you, take a trip with the bikes or just walk around, and enjoy the fresh air! There will most likely be a nature trail to follow – try not to get lost!!

  • Create your own beach and seaside in your garden

Using a sandpit and a paddling pool, you can recreate the feeling of the sand between your toes and feel like you are on a beach anywhere in the world! A perfect excuse to get out the bucket and spade to make a sandcastle, and have lots of fun in the water too! Remember, Candy Floss says ‘Stay Safe’ when around the paddling pool!

Look out for our blog next week with even more perfect family activities for the summer holidays!