Beat the January blues with these wet-weather crafts

After all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, January can seem very boring to children. They’re back to the usual routine and the weather is often grey and gloomy. But January doesn’t have to be that way. Make the most of the wet weather by staying in, having fun and saving money.

Here are 5 activities that you can do with the children this January.

1. Make a den

There is nothing more fun than making a den, children love it and parents find that they enjoy it too! Make some space in your living room and spread out some chairs (not too far away) then find a big sheet that’s going to be the roof of your den. Then all that’s left to do is put some blankets down on the floor and throw some cushions in.

A den that takes a short time to create can provide hours of fun on a rainy day. Your children can watch their favourite films in there or they can read stories.

2. Arts and crafts

Painting, drawing, colouring – arts and crafts are always fun. Encourage your children to get creative and challenge them to use items found around the house to make their favourite character from a book or film. Remember to put a plastic mat down to protect your surfaces. Challenging your children to draw certain items or objects will develop their observation and concentration skills.

3. Visit the library

Even if it’s raining, it’s still good to get out of the house and get some fresh air. Get your wellies on, put your brolly up and take a trip to the local library. Spend some time with your children in the library looking at the different types of books and then you can choose the ones that you want to take home. Many libraries also have activities and games for children to play. Once you’ve all got your books, head home and sit down to read them with a warming hot chocolate.

4. Boat racing

Use a plastic tub (a margarine or ice cream tub will work perfectly) as a boat, and use some card and a lollipop stick to design a sail. Fill the bath up with enough water to enable the tubs to float and then see which boat makes it to the end first. Children will love being a little competitive and designing their own sails. You can also ask your children to find some items around the home (preferably ones that you don’t want or need), make a list of the items, drop them in the water and tick off which ones float.

5. Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt around the house will provide hours of fun for all the family. Decide what the treasure will be (it could be a teddy or a toy) and then take it in turns to hide it somewhere and give clues to the rest of the house to see who finds it first. 

January doesn’t have to be blue, use the activities above to enjoy time with your children, and best of all? They’re all low-cost so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank after Christmas.

What activities do you do with the kids on a rainy January day? Let us know on our social media pages today!


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