Rainy Day Games for the Whole Family

Has the rainy weather wrecked your weekend plans? Step away from the screens and gather the whole brood together for some fun with these classic games.

So how do you keep children entertained when it's wet and miserable outside?

They might be a bit old school, but card and board games are a great way to create precious family moments while getting those little brains ticking.

While board games might not be the first thing your children reach for when they’re bored, diving into a game of Monopoly or Uno is a great way to spend time together and get them off screens.

According to the NHS, the recommended screen time for children under five is no more than one hour a day, and, where you can, to have “screen-free days.” We know this is easier said than done, and there might be a few tantrums as a result, but if you have a list of fun alternative things to do, you'll be a step closer - especially if you get involved and give a positive impression of games night.

Need a little inspiration? Here’s a list of family-friendly games you and your family can enjoy together.

Card Games


You can’t go wrong with a deck of cards. One pack equals limitless possibilities. Depending on the age of your children, you may be up for a simple game of snap or a more challenging game of Crazy 8's or Go Fish.

A real winner when it comes to card games is UNO, which is ideal for children aged 7+ and for two to ten players. The aim of the game is to simply get rid of all your cards before everyone else. This is a game that can bridge generations and include everyone, plus it’s available in a range of different versions with a junior option also available.

Classic Games


Monopoly is a family favourite for a reason. Everyone has their favourite player, properties, and their own strategies, and the best part is this classic game can go on for hours, making rainy afternoons at home far more fun. Regardless of the outcome, this game can be played as individuals or teams and is a great way to while away the hours. Our advice - don't set it up on the kitchen table as you may need to pause for meals!

Are your children too young to play Monopoly? How about Snakes and Ladders? This easy-to-grasp game is simple and fun and helps little ones with their counting. Win-win.

 Strategy Games

Looking for a way to challenge each other? If you have small children, get them started with Connect 4, a game designed for two, where your aim is to get a line of four tokens without your opponent blocking you. For older children, Chess is a great way to spend quality time together and it teaches children some important life skills such as basic problem-solving skills, patience, as well as thinking before they act.

The classic Battleships is another winner. It’s easier to get the hang of than chess and will have the whole family shouting out "you sunk my Battleship!". If you don't have the game board, draw two 10x10 grids and use felt tip pens to place your ships and mark off hits and misses. The player who sinks all 5 of their opponents ships first wins.

Number and Word Games


You are never too old for a game of Scrabble. Scrabble is excellent for helping kids practise their spelling and build their vocabulary. Children can also get a massive sense of pride when they win a game that they assume you would beat them at.

There are some games that don't require you to go out and spend any money such as Bingo. Bingo can be altered to suit a child of any age and can focus on any different skill. You could try a maths version, things you find around the house, animals, and many more. You can make Bingo as simple or as difficult as you like, and you can change the game every time you play to keep things fun and challenging.