The Benefits Of Respite Care

We’ve partnered with home care experts, Helping Hands, who believe that in times of change, your loved one’s safety and wellbeing should never be a concern. Here they share the different respite care options that are available.

What is Respite Care?

Respite care provides a temporary break for a primary caregiver. It can be put in place when someone’s usual caregivers are not available, or after a change in circumstances where someone requires a little extra help for a period of time. Respite care can be as little as one hour’s support as a one-off, all the way up to three weeks’ full-time live-in support.

How Does Respite Care Work?

A respite carer can attend as and when needed, from assistance with personal care and moving around the house safely, to meal preparation and, most importantly, companionship. Good quality respite care focuses on short-term support to help people back on their feet after a change in circumstances, such as an operation, or to provide family caregivers with a well-deserved break.

When Might I Need Respite Care?

There may be a number of different scenarios in which you may benefit from a respite carer:

Returning to the office

Whether you’re returning to the office full time, or just need some peace of mind for the days that you’re in the office, respite care can be there to support your loved ones as you all readjust to life after lockdown. With respite care from as little as one hour, you can schedule the support to fit around your working life. This could mean a lunchtime visit to ensure your loved one has eaten, or perhaps, you’d like a longer visit to provide company during the day.

Going on holiday

Whether you are planning a staycation in the UK, or your holiday plans abroad are back on, you may be experiencing feelings of concern about not being there for a loved one whilst you’re away. Respite care can take away that worry and ensure that both you and your loved one have an enjoyable time whilst you are not there to support them.

As a short-term solution, respite care is typically no longer than 2-3 weeks, which means that whilst you take some time away to relax, your loved one can too. You can plan the respite support in advance, so that you have peace of mind knowing that your loved one in safe hands.

Rest and recuperation

Respite care benefits not only the person receiving the care, but their loved ones too. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many families have taken on the responsibility of looking after vulnerable loved ones alongside their usual routines, such as managing a busy workload and juggling childcare. Respite care can be crucial to giving you much needed rest and recuperation.

How Do I Arrange Respite Care?

With Helping Hands, respite care is set-up in the same format as any other type of care. Following your initial enquiry, either via a phone call or online, your local care team will come out to conduct a home assessment in-person, working alongside you and your loved one to set up the best possible care for your needs. After the assessment the care will commence within an agreed time frame, this can be as quickly as 24 hours.

If You’ve Never Used Respite Care Before

  • No one else will offer the same level of love as you – and that’s okay
    You know your loved one better than anyone else does. This doesn’t mean that respite care isn’t an option; it’s about finding the next best alternative that works for you and your loved one. Respite care will give you both a break, and spending time apart can help to refresh your relationship.

  • It’s natural to need a break
    Caring is often a round-the-clock role with no breaks. Giving yourself time to relax and something to look forward to is vital to your wellbeing and general health.

  • Respite care can provide new solutions
    Many family caregivers assume their role through necessity, without having had formal training. Someone else looking after your loved one, especially if they have experience in caregiving, may be able to offer fresh advice and tips.

Helping Hands

With over 30 years’ experience providing individually tailored home care across England and Wales, Helping Hands offer expert support at home ranging from 30-minute visits up to full-time live-in care. And if you need fast-response support, Helping Hands can often begin your bespoke care plan within 24 hours of your initial enquiry.

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