Multigenerational Summer Games

This summer you might be going away with elderly loved ones, or hosting them for a visit. Check out this list of 12 inclusive games that can be fun for all the family.

When singing the famous lyrics; "We're all going on a summer holiday", you may now mean you, your partner, your children, your parents, your in-laws or any combination of the above. Or you may be preparing to host an elderly relative at home over the holidays.

Keeping everyone happily occupied can be a challenge, especially when there are multiple generations with different expectations and abilities. They may well not be as mobile as they once were, so it's helpful to have a few tricks up your sleeve to fill those days in the sunshine (or rain!), by the beach, in the café or enjoying the evenings.

These fun and easy games need little or no prep and will help bridge the gap and encourage everyone to join in and have fun regardless of age, ability or mobility.

1. Arts and Crafts

Knitting, creating collages, papier mache modelling and pom-pom making are all great old school activities that provide hours of fun and mindful creativity

2. Word Puzzles 

Whether it's crosswords, quizzes or word searches in a book, a verbal connections game or one of the many online options, if words are your thing, then these can provide plenty of collective head-scratching moments for all

3. Bingo

This is a classic that works for large and small groups of all ages, but don't feel you need to stick to calling out numbers, make up your own variations with family catchphrases, sightseeing icons or holiday activities

4. Sudoku and Logic Puzzles

A fascinating social experiment to see whose brain works in what way. Kids may get some before adults or vice versa. There are different levels with books aplenty and online resources too such as or

5. Jigsaw Puzzles

Reverting to childhood activities can be fun, and many elderly people will enjoy the relaxing and meditative elements of puzzles as well as the ability to share tactics - do you start by completing objects in the picture or go for corners first to create an outer rim?

6. Trivia Games, Who am I? & Charades

Fun family games that require a little prep but can be based on any topic of interest, from musicals, to current affairs, animals, nature, history or more. Keep score to make it a little bit more competitive

7. Chess

This iconic game is a great vehicle for hours of concentrated fun as well as an opportunity for elders to share knowledge and clever strategies to younger generations. With no need to move, it's a great game for those with mobility issues

8. Botanical Identification

If your elderly relative is (or was) a keen gardener, this may provide a wonderful opportunity for them to talk about a former passion as well as impart information about flowers and plants to others. If this is with children, the I-spy book range is great with checklists and points to encourage engagement.

9. Serving Tray & Shopping List Games

The serving tray game is great for children to feel they are presenting a game to their elders, while the shopping list game is always a winner for a long car journey.

10. Cards and Card-Matching Games

From the basics of Snap to Sevens, Pontoon, Bridge and even Poker, card games can be played almost anywhere and are easily portable. If you can't remember all the rules, there are plenty of guides to classic card games available

11. Drawing Games

Partners in Pen and Drawing Pass It On are both hilarious games involving simply a piece of paper and a pen. Even funnier if none of you can draw!

12. Learn a New Language

If you're going abroad, why not try to learn a little of the language together. See who can order the meal, talk to the supermarket attendant, chat to the waiter or just learn the most number of words