MyBrightHorizonsCarerFlex App

For nurseries using this App to request care: this application enables you to find carers in your area, review carer profiles, schedule a carer, check carers’ shifts, and include notes in respect of shifts for your own records (and carers, should you choose to share these notes).

This application uses the following data, to support and manage your care requests: (1) location data from the nursery’s MyBrightHorizonsCarerFlex profile to identify carers in your area; (2) contact data for the nursery including the name and contact details of the designated contact for the shift from your MyBrightHorizonsCarerFlex profile.

For carers using this App: this application enables you to review your personal and contract details, enter your availability for shifts, manage your shifts, view your calendar including availability and shifts, enter your time sheets for approval by the designated Nursery contact for your shift, review your shift details, and get directions to your shifts. 

This application uses the following data, to support and manage your shifts: (1) location data from your MyBrightHorizonsCarerFlex profile to identify care requests in your area and provide direction information to you; (2) contact data and emergency contact data, employee ID number, qualification and training data and shift preferences from your employee data as held on Bright Horizons’ employee management systems; (3) your name, DBS number, date of issue of DBS and your photograph as per your Bright Horizons’ identification badge as held on Bright Horizons’ employee management systems; (4) contact and location data, data in respect of scheduled and completed shifts (including length and location of shift) and your shift preferences and availability data from your MyBrightHorizonsCarerFlex profile.

The application provides notifications in respect of your shifts, timesheets, availability and profile: you may turn off notifications at any time via your privacy settings on your mobile device.

For further information on Bright Horizons’ privacy policy including: (a) what information Bright Horizons collects and on what basis it is collected, the purposes for which it is collected, and how it is collected; (b) who controls the information which we collect and where it is stored, who we share it with and how we keep the information safe; and (c) how you can access and update your information - please see our Privacy Policy at:

Please also see our Terms of Use of the MyBrightHorizonsCarerFlex Site and App at:

To log into this application, please use your MyBrightHorizonsCarerFlex App username & password.