Back-Up Childcare

Reserve Back-Up Care

Your safety net for when disruptions to your regular childcare arrangements happen and you need to get to work. We will arrange temporary care for you, quickly and conveniently at your workplace nursery, Gogarburn (RBS).

The dependable solution for those urgent, high-stress situations when you need temporary care and don’t have time to arrange it yourself: you experience a breakdown in your childcare, if your childminder or nanny is ill or on holiday, or you need to work on a day when you would not ordinarily do so. This service is also useful if:

  • You are transitioning back to work from maternity, paternity or adoption leave
  • Your child’s school is closed for INSET training or school holidays
  • You are travelling or relocating to or at RBS Gogarburn

As an employee, you will get up to 20 days per child each calendar year, for children aged from three months up to five years.

Places are limited and allocated on a first-come, first served basis, subject to capacity being available at the nursery. You can reserve a place up to one month in advance, up to and including the day when you need the care.

A maximum of 5 consecutive days of care may be reserved in a calendar month, and the same pattern of attendance cannot be reserved for more than four consecutive weeks, to reflect the intent of the programme to support emergency childcare needs.



Step 1: Click “Family Solutions” and then “Reserve Back-Up Care> USE IT”.

Step 2: Click on “Sign Up” you will need your employer’s Bright Horizons password Caring1 to continue with your registration.

Step 3: Complete your registration providing all details as requested. Ensure to add your children’s details including allergies etc.

Register today before you have an urgent need tomorrow!


If you have any questions regarding back-up care, please call 0800 247 1101

You can also call the nursery on 0131 626 4200 or email if you have any questions.