Didsbury maintains Outstanding status following recent Ofsted Inspection

Bright Horizons Didsbury Day Nursery and Preschool in Manchester was awarded ‘outstanding’ status once again after completing its most recent Ofsted inspection.

Didsbury Day Nursery and Preschool Ofsted Outstanding rating

The inspection took place on November 11. It reviewed the quality of education being offered to the children, the behaviour and attitudes, as well as the personal development of the children, and finally the leadership and management of the nursery itself. The inspector observed interactions between the practitioners and children as they carried out typical day-to-day activities within the nurseries, alongside interviews with team members and parents. All four categories of effectiveness examined by Ofsted were judged to be ‘outstanding’. Some comments in the supporting report included:

  • “All children are supported by high quality staff, to make the best progress they are capable of. Children become explorers, scientists and artists. They deeply engage in the exciting activities that staff provide.”

  • “Children develop a strong sense of resilience and self-esteem that enables them to confidently challenge their own abilities.”

  • “Parents are highly engages and enthusiastically praise the setting. They comment that staff provide ‘loving care; and that children’s ‘development is fantastic’.”

The announcement of the Outstanding status came soon after new nursery manager Sam was appointed, she said: “Our approach here is driven by our Bright Beginnings Curriculum. It is based on extensive pedagogical theory and research, which focuses on the significance of the adult role as educators and acknowledges the development of concepts such as critical thinking and problem solving in addition to developing skills such as mindfulness and caring for self and others. I am so happy that after just four days in post as the new manager here, that we were able to maintain our Outstanding status, this is my second Ofsted inspection within four months and to get another Outstanding result is an amazing achievement for the entire team here at Didsbury, we are all extremely happy with this result.”

To learn more about Bright Horizons Didsbury Day Nursery and Pre-school visit the website here.