Frimley Green nursery rated Outstanding by Ofsted

Bright Horizons Frimley Green Day Nursery and Preschool has been rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted following its most recent inspection, with the report praising the leadership within the professional team.

The nursery received its inspection on June 22nd and has been rated as ‘Outstanding’ in all four areas of inspection: The quality of education; Behaviour and attitudes; Personal development; Leadership and management.

Inspection activities included the inspector carrying out a learning walk of the nursery alongside the nursery manager and discussing the Bright Beginnings curriculum. Comments from the report included:

  • Leaders have sequenced their curriculum exceptionally well in order to build on what children already know and can do. For instance, they support the children’s independence to the highest level. Babies take part in numerous activities that are designed to strengthen their hands to hold cutlery. Toddlers intensely concentrate on pouring their own drinks and children in the preschool self-serve their meals. They are respected in the choice and quantity of food they select. As a result, children feel a great sense of pride and achievement in their abilities.


  • The manager and her team place the utmost importance on understanding and supporting the needs of children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). They work extremely closely with other professionals and parents to establish highly focused support and ensure staff understand how to best support their individual needs. As a result, children with SEND make incredible progress and are extremely well prepared to move on to their next stage of learning.


  • Parents comment on how the nursery staff go ‘above and beyond’ expectations and feel staff truly care about their children to the highest level. Staff place immense focus on ensuring children settle into the nursery with ease and that parents are also supported through this process. Staff share detailed information about children’s progress and offer parents an abundance of ideas to support their child’s learning at home. There is an exceptional community feel to this nursery and parents are involved in aspects of nursery life in order to promote the very best outcomes for children.

Lynsey Gardner, Nursery Manager, said: “We are extremely pleased to have achieved ‘Outstanding’ at our Ofsted inspection in June. I am delighted that the inspector acknowledged that the children in the setting make exceptional levels of progress and truly flourish in our inspirational nursery. The children's views and opinions are listened to and valued. Partnership with parents is of the upmost importance to us and the inspector highlighted this by saying that my colleagues go above and beyond.

“After working at the nursery for over 20 years, I have strived to build strong partnerships within the community, which the inspector also highlighted in her report by saying that there is an exceptional community feel to this nursery and parents are involved in aspects of nursery life in order to promote the very best outcomes for children. I am so proud of my whole nursery team – their passion and commitment shone through on the day of the inspection like it does every day, ensuring that each child receives the best start to life.”

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