Oxford Nursery Children Embrace Forest School Activities

Children at Bright Horizons Oxford Business Park Day Nursery and Preschool enjoyed taking part in their forest school activities earlier this week.

This week the children were able to create their own clay flowers using leaves they collected from the ground, which encouraged teamwork and creative thinking.

“Our forest school leader Naomi encourages child-led activities, exploring the world around them and also taking care of the environment,” said Nursery Manager Zoe Oland. “In forest school the children have free play, have lunch outside and also spend the morning using imaginative play.”

Forest school is an inspirational concept providing learning opportunities through practical activities in an outdoor environment. Children enjoy the freedom to explore and experience the natural world in all seasons and in all weathers. Forest school embraces an approach of nurturing, supporting and developing the self-esteem of participants. It is an ideal environment in which to develop innovation, problem solving, risk taking, creativity and teamwork.

Oxford nursery children embrace forest school activities