Godalming nursery receives Good rating from Ofsted

Bright Horizons Godalming Day Nursery and Preschool has been rated ‘Good’ following its most recent Ofsted inspection.

The nursery received its inspection on November 17th and was rated as ‘Good’ in all 4 areas of inspection: The quality of education; Behaviour and attitudes; Personal development; Leadership and management. 

Inspection activities included the inspector observing interactions between staff and children during activities and assessing the impact of teaching on children’s learning. Comments from the report included:

  • The nursery has significantly improved since the last inspection. Additional training and support for staff, including managers, has led to a more in-depth understanding of safeguarding.
  • Staff place a strong emphasis on helping children to develop their confidence and wellbeing. They offer praise and reassurance as children play. Staff celebrate children’s efforts as they encourage them to complete tasks independently, such as taking their coats on and off and putting on their shoes. Children behave well. They are confident to talk to visitors. Gentle reminders about taking turns and sharing help them to understand how to play together.      
  • Children have good opportunities to develop their literacy skills. For example, they enjoy creating stories using photographs of the local area. Children look at the pictures, describe what they see, and excitedly recall to staff how they saw ducks flying over the park. Staff skilfully build these ideas and memories into a story that involves all the children. These skills will help children with later learning, such as reading and writing.
Joshua Rochester, Nursery Manager, commented: “I am delighted with our new Ofsted grading here at Bright Horizons Godalming. I am very proud of the successful six-month turn around, hard work and dedication from all of the staff team for the ‘Good’ grade we have received. I am now looking forward to a successful 2022 with the nursery back to where it belongs.”