Try Time tackles #HalfaMillionMiles challenge with great success

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Try Time Kids’ Rugby teamed up with Bright Horizons last Saturday to aid with the goal of reaching half a million miles in support of the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children.

On Saturday 17th July, Try Time Kids’ Rugby tracked the distance covered by its participants, including both children and coaches, during their activities to go towards Bright Horizons’ #HalfaMillionMiles health and wellbeing challenge. On the day, the children covered a total of 271 miles between them as well as an additional 192 by the coaches giving a grand total of 463 miles covered.

Jane Gomez and Danielle Dyer, Co-Founders of Try Time Kids’ Rugby planned new warm ups, games and activities specific for the day, to increase the distance of regular sessions. Children and coaches across all 13 of Try Time Kids’ Rugby’s clubs took part.

The #HalfaMillionMiles challenge was launched in April, with individuals from across the Bright Horizons family pledging to reach their own distances to add to the total in any way they so wish. All money raised through the initiative is going towards supporting the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children.

The Foundation has more than 80 Bright Spaces throughout the UK, which provide warm, safe, enriching play environments for vulnerable children affected by abuse, domestic violence, parental imprisonment, and ill-health.

Denise Priest, Director of Employer and Strategic Partnerships at Bright Horizons, previously said: “Half A Million Miles was launched to celebrate the importance of exercise, which has been emphasised since the start of the pandemic. Playing sport and keeping fit has played a significant role for families in helping to maintain their physical and mental wellbeing, so we would like to say a special thank you to Try Time Kids’ Rugby for supporting our challenge.”

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A recent report by Sport England on ‘Children’s Experience of Physical Activity in Lockdown’ show that parents are valuing the time they are spending on activity with their children, believing that sports and fitness are bringing families together: 53% of parents were doing more physical activity with their children than they did prior to lockdown and 61% felt that playing sport and keeping fit was helping maintain their family’s physical and mental well-being.

So far, the #HalfaMillionMiles challenge has raised more than £7,000 for the Foundation. Please visit if you would like to take part in the challenge or if you would like to donate. Stay posted on our social media channels for updates via the hashtag #HalfaMillionMiles.