Maidstone nursery children learn more about marine biologists

Children at Bright Horizons Maidstone Turkey Mill Day Nursery and Preschool have been learning more about different occupations in recent weeks and this week they discovered the role of marine biologists.

The children worked together to create a beach tuff tray with gloop and sand, which provided a variety of textures for sensory exploration. Staff then added litter on the beach and around the sea animals, which resulted in the children being asked to use pinchers to pick it up and put into the bin.

“This encouraged the children to use their fine motor skills and good hand-eye coordination,” said Nursery Manager Vicky Thompson. “As the children cleared the litter, we spoke about how we can help keep the world we live in clean. Some of the children said ‘put it in the bin’ when asked what we should do with our waste.”