Edinburgh nursery babies enjoy benefits of sleeping outside

Babies at Bright Horizons Elsie Inglis Early Learning Childcare in Edinburgh have been enjoying the benefits of sleeping outside recently.

Sleeping outside is a great way of helping the body naturally produce antibodies that will enhance their immune system and their ability to fight off germs.

 Elsie Inglis Press Release Sleeping Outside

“When outside, your baby’s nervous system receives a multitude of sensory stimuli — such as the soothing sounds of the world around them, the sunlight along with its warmth, the different smells and the sensations of wind as they are subjected to different weather,” said Deputy Nursery Manager Kate Hubbert. “A baby’s brain processes all these stimuluses and helps to creates new neuronal pathways, which directly impacts intelligence and supports healthy growth.”

Elsie Inglis Sleeping Outside Press Release part 1