World Book Day at Bright Horizons

Children at Bright Horizons nurseries across the country enjoyed celebrating World Book Day yesterday.

As traditional with World Book Day, this year celebrated on Thursday 4th March, the children were invited to attend nursery dressed as their favourite characters.

Oxford Business Park

This year’s outfits included Buzz Lightyear and Super Mario.

“We enjoyed dressing up as our favourite characters from books and discussing what books we enjoy reading at home,” said Nursery Manager Zoe Oland.

Two toddlers dressed up as their favourite book characters for World Book Day

Countess of Chester

This year’s outfits included Harry Potter and Woody from Toy Story.

“We had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day this year and speaking about the importance that books play in our lives,” said Nursery Manager Eileen Morrey.

A baby dressed up as Harry Potter sitting on the lap of a nursery worker also dressed up as Harry Potter A baby sitting on the floor, dressed up as Woody from Toy Story


“Everyone dressed up as a character from their favourite book,” said Nursery Manager Sarah Andrews. “We had fairies to dinosaurs, the Gruffalo to doctors and so many more fantastic characters. We also enjoyed reading each other favourite books and taking part in lots of different activities.”

A group of young children dressed as their favourite book characters for World Book Day

Harpenden Luton Road

This year’s outfits included Spiderman, Mickey Mouse and Batman. 

“The children and staff had a wonderful day today celebrating World Book Day,” said Nursery Manager Lucy Dunton. We all really enjoyed dressing up as our favourite characters from different stories and discussing it with our friends. All the rooms have explored new books and enjoyed using props to aid them in their storytelling.”

Young children dressed up as their favourite book characters for World Book Day


The children dressed up as their favourite characters for the day and also shared who is ‘super’ to them. Some examples included mothers, fathers and nurses.

“We had a wonderful day reading some of our favourite stories, as well as drawing our own characters and creating bookmarks,” said Nursery Manager Leah Dyer. “It was a great dress up day full of fun and adventure.”

A toddler dressed up as a dinosaur

Forest Park, Bracknell

“We had a wonderful turn out of different characters from their favourite stories across the whole nursery,” said Nursery Manager Jemma Dove. “Well done Forest Park.”

Three young children dressed up as princesses holding up their favourite books for World Book Day

Check out the e-book released by Bright Horizons in celebration of World Book Day and the people who help us below.

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