Tingley Seasonal Activities

Children at Bright Horizons Tingley Day Nursery and Preschool in Leeds have been taking part in some seasonal activities. First, they built a snowman using cardboard boxes. 

The children enjoyed working together to paint boxes of different sizes and then stacked them one on top of the other when they had finished.

“This activity gave the children opportunities to use their imagination while developing their creativity,” said Nursery Manager Katy Womald.

Leeds nursery children build cardboard snowman

The children then worked their fine motor skills as they wrapped presents up. The children enjoyed playing Santa’s little helpers as they were provided with lots of different resources to wrap up and decorate wooden blocks turning them into presents to unwrap.

“This activity promoted the children’s independence and gave them the opportunity to choose their own resources whilst developing their concentration and fine motor skills,” said Katy.

Leeds nursery children embrace wrapping presents