Valentine's Day at Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons nurseries celebrated Valentine's Day in a variety of ways. Here's how some of our nurseries marked the day.

Forest Park

Valentine's Day at Forest Park Day Nursery and PreschoolChildren at Bright Horizons Forest Park Bracknell Day Nursery and Preschool celebrated Valentine’s Day last week by taking part in a number of themed activities.

The children created special Valentine’s biscuits and pictures, whilst they also enjoyed collecting red and pink petals from a water tray.

They were using the nets to collect up the petals and began showing one another what they had caught,” said Deputy Nursery Manager Laura Gardner.

Reigate Holmesdale Road

Children at Bright Horizons Reigate Holmesdale Road Day Nursery and Preschool recently made their own kindness tree.

Staff helped children to create the tree ahead of Valentine’s Day, which featured heart-shaped decorations with kind thoughts written on them.

“This had led to lots of interesting conversations about how we are kind to each other,” said Assistant Nursery Manager Sarah Hulse.

The children also made traditional cards and as well as a large poster to tell everyone who they love.

“They took great pride in producing the poster which they then displayed in time for Valentine’s Day last week,” continued Sarah.


Valentine's Day at Wavendon Day Nursery and PreschoolFamilies at Bright Horizons Wavendon Day Nursery and Preschool in Milton Keynes celebrated Valentine’s Day with a stay and play session.

Parents joined the children at the nursery on Valentine’s Day morning and took part in a range of themed activities which had been organised by the staff.

“One of the activities the parents particularly enjoyed was helping the children to make Valentine’s Day themed glasses,” said Nursery Manager Jane Bland.


Chesham Bois

Valentine's Day at Chesham Bois Day Nursery and PreschoolChildren at Bright Horizons Chesham Bois Day Nursery and Preschool in Buckinghamshire celebrated Valentine’s Day by organising a prince and princess themed ball.

The children dressed up in their best prince or princess outfits and then enjoyed dancing to the music.

“In the run up to it our children had been learning about love and friendships, whilst making cards and crafts for their loved ones,” said Nursery Manager Tia Green.



Sandown Park

Valentine's Day at Sandown Park Day Nursery and PreschoolChildren at Bright Horizons Sandown Park Day Nursery and Preschool in Esher, Surrey baked their own cakes for Valentine’s Day this year, with help from the nursery chef Tom.

The activity had a Valentine’s Day theme with pink icing being used for the cakes, but was also part of Bright Horizons’ Creative Cooks programme which encourages creativity in cooking.

“The children then took the cakes into the role play area where they acted as if they were serving them to each other,” said Laura Pease, nursery manager.