Timperley Science and Art

This week, the children at Bright Horizons Timperley Day Nursery and Preschool in Cheshire have enjoyed both art and science activities.

As part of Bright Horizons' Growing Scientists enhancement, we have been enjoying a new investigation station. The station gives the children the opportunity to explore a variety of items, including flowers, with magnifying glasses.

“The children observe the differences and changes in real life things at the investigation station and learn more about how we can look after them,” said Deputy Nursery Manager Aimee Martin.

Bright Horizons’ Growing Scientists programme aims to help children identify scientific activities that occur in their everyday lives.

timperley science investigation

We have also been studying the work of the artist Kandinsky, famous for his abstract art work.

“The children discussed his artwork especially the shapes and colours he uses,” said Aimee. “The children chose what materials and equipment they wished to use to make their own piece of abstract art work.”

The activity was part of Bright Horizons’ Growing Artists programme which aims to encourage creativity in art.

Timperley children study artist Kandinsky