This Week at Basingstoke

Date: 19 Feb 2020

The children at Basingstoke Day Nursery and Preschool have been busy this week with baking, painting and science experiments.

Basingstoke children mark make with paint fill bricksThe children recently enjoyed mark making by using everyday objects such as bricks, in an activity that was part of the organisation’s Growing Artists programme.

Paint was put inside the bricks and the bricks were placed in the freezer for a few hours prior to using. The children then held the top of the bricks and used the paint at the bottom to mark make and create an image.

“They enjoyed talking about different colours and seeing what patterns they could make,” said Nursery Manager Nikki Paine. “

Bright Horizons’ Growing Artists programme aims to encourage creativity in art. 


Basingstoke children create mini volcanoAs part of Bright Horizons' Growing Scientists enhancement, the children experimented with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar, as well as a colouring of their choice, and watched on as the reaction and inevitable explosion took place.

“They have been learning and talking about volcanoes recently so we saw a fantastic opportunity to further enhance the children’s learning by conducting our own volcanic experiments,” said Nikki. “The children loved seeing the reaction and using scientific language to describe what was happening.”

The Growing Scientists programme aims to help children identify scientific activities which occur in their everyday lives.


The children have also been busy making a sponge cake in one of their Creative Cooks sessions.

The children worked as a team and each took a turn in stirring the mixture that would make the cake.

Basingstoke children make sponge cakeThe children are eager to learn more about how food is made and excitedly choose an item from the nursery’s lunch, tea or pudding menu,” said Nursery Manager Nikki Paine. “. They enjoy working together to cook and bake, before sitting down together and digging in.”

Bright Horizons’ Creative Cooks programme aims to encourage creativity in cooking.