Pancake Day at Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons nurseries across the UK marked Shrove Tuesday with pancakes. Here are a selection of nurseries who learnt how to make pancakes.

Timperley children celebrate Pancake DayChildren at Bright Horizons Timperley Day Nursery and Preschool in Cheshire celebrated Pancake Day in style this year.

The children enjoyed learning about what ingredients was needed to make pancakes and mixing them together.

“They then each had their own pancake after they had cut up the fruits of their choice and decorated their pancake,” said Deputy Nursery Manager Aimee Martin. “Some of the preschool children made faces with their pieces of fruit.”


Kent nursery children celebrate Pancake DayAt Swanscombe Day Nursery and Preschool the children made their own pancakes after weighing out the ingredients, accompanied by Bright Horizons’ health and safety mascot Candy Floss.

“This provided the children with a safe challenge and encouraged them to work together to make yummy pancakes,” said Nursery Manager Megan Ring. “With the help of Candy Floss, the children wrote their own safety signs informing their peers that the oven was hot. They spoke about how some people with dietary requirements can’t eat pancakes and even made alternatives.”


Bracknell nursery children celebrate Pancake DayThe children at Forest Park Nursery made a deconstructed pancake by using normal pancake ingredients and different tools. They mixed flour with water and added sliced lemon for a scent experience.

They loved the way the mixture glooped together and went runny when they lifted it out of the tray,” said Deputy Nursery Manager Laura Gardner. 


And finally, the children at Bright Horizons Englefield Green Nursery and Preschool celebrated Pancake Day by shopping for ingredients and making their very own pancakes.

Englefield Green children shop for pancake ingredientsThe children discussed the different ingredients that are needed to make a pancake before writing a special shopping list. After doing a risk assessment of the route, staff members and children visited their local shop to buy eggs, milk and flour which they then used to make their own pancakes back at the nursery.

“The children highly enjoyed learning about the ingredients that go into making pancakes and carefully planned a route to visit a local shop. The children explored the aisles and searched for the different ingredients that were needed,” said Deputy Nursery Manager, Maria Dymock. “After finding all the ingredients, the children counted the money and queued up to pay before heading back to nursery to start mixing and cooking!”