Bracknell nursery children make gingerbread men

Children and staff at Bright Horizons Forest Park Bracknell Day Nursery and Preschool recently made gingerbread men, in an activity part of the organisation’s Creative Cooks programme.

“We used the scales to measure out ingredients, our fingers to mix the dough and had fun smelling the cinnamon and ginger,” said Deputy Nursery Manager Laura Gardner. “It was a great sensory activity for the children.”

Bright Horizons’ Creative Cooks programme aims to encourage creativity in cooking.

Creative Cooks activities provide a range of ways to extend children’s learning and links to other areas of learning and development through the measuring of ingredients, risk taking when using cutting equipment, introduction to the use of senses and they also promote conversation alongside peers.

Nursery Manager, Michelle Tamburrini, commented, “We invite our parents into the nursery on a monthly basis to do these activities alongside their children to create those strong parent partnerships and encourage them to enjoy the creative aspect of creating foods together.”