Eastleigh nursery receives Good rating from Ofsted

Yellow Dot Town Nursery Eastleigh, operated by Bright Horizons, has been rated ‘Good’ after its recent Ofsted inspection.

The nursery received its inspection on November 25th and was rated as ‘Good’ in all 4 areas of inspection: The quality of education; Behaviour and attitudes; Personal development; Leadership and management.

Inspection activities included the inspector speaking to children, staff and parents during the inspection. Comments from the report included:

  • Children are happy and settled, and form close emotional relationships with their key persons. Staff work closely with parents to support children’s care and good health, including children with SEND. Children have plenty of time to play outdoors and develop physical skills. Managers have introduced robust systems to ensure children’s individual dietary needs and allergies are adhered to. Children develop the knowledge and skills they need for future success.
  • Staff know all the children well. They have improved the use of the key-person system to meet children’s individual needs. This includes information for parents in newsletters and room displays about the purpose of the key-person system. Staff plan an exciting range of activities and experiences that are linked to children’s individual interests. They frequently adapt activities to provide children with a wide variety of experiences and access to all areas of the curriculum. Children remember and use what they learn, and develop their vocabulary and language skills, for example by talking about the ingredients they have used to make bread rolls to eat at teatime. Staff provide good opportunities for children to recognise familiar words, for example, while looking at recipe cards and making modelling dough. Staff successfully develop children’s enjoyment of books. Children listen attentively to their favourite stories and confidently join in with the parts they know.
  • Staff have improved partnerships with parents. They provide numerous opportunities for parents to get involved in their children’s learning and development. For example, parents regularly borrow resources and books to support children’s next steps and enjoyment of reading. Managers have improved the information available to parents to help them understand the nursery curriculum and child development. Parents speak positively about their children’s care and learning.