January Activities at Banstead

The children at Banstead Day Nursery and Preschool have taken part in a number of fun activities this month.

Banstead nursery children embrace letter and number huntSo far, they have enjoyed taking on a letter and number hunt at home with their parents.

The children had to find letters and numbers that they recognise in their environment and were also tasked with thinking of a word that each letter begins with.

“The children are beginning to understand that letters and numbers are everywhere we go, if you just look for them,” said Deputy Nursery Manager Ali Hunter.



Banstead nursery children develop heuristic play ideasThey have also been developing their heuristic play ideas.

The children used different materials to build and construct their own towers, learning through trial and error as they went.

“They used their imagination to play and explore the properties of objects,” continued Deputy Nursery Manager Ali Hunter.


And finally, they have been developing their health and self-care skills this week.

The children explored a baby role play in the water tray. They used sponges, wipes, potties and lots of bubbles as they helped to wash the babies.

“The children became independent when wiping their faces after lunch and were even able to help their friends,” said Deputy Nursery Manager Ali Hunter.