London nursery receives Outstanding rating from Ofsted

Bright Horizons Regents Park Day Nursery and Preschool has been rated ‘Outstanding’ after its most recent Ofsted inspection.

The nursery received its inspection on October 24th and was rated as ‘Outstanding’ in all four areas of inspection: Effectiveness of the leadership and management; Quality of teaching, learning; Personal development, behaviour and welfare; Assessment and outcomes for children.

Inspection activities included the inspector speaking to children throughout the inspection and observing their play in the indoor and outdoor environment. Comments from the report included:

  • Children are extremely confident and articulate in expressing themselves to their peers and key person. Babies have also developed strong attachments to their key person and have formed close and affectionate bonds. This was demonstrated during a small group singing session.
  • Leaders have successfully ensured that staff give children a broad range of learning experiences that nurture and reflect the local community and beyond, for example, through celebrations and understanding British values, as well as celebrating differences.
  • Staff have developed excellent relationships with parents and involve them successfully in children’s learning. Children borrow books from the nursery to read at home, which fosters their love of reading. Staff share children’s assessments with parents so they can see how their children are developing and learning. Parents comment about the positive and meaningful relationships they have with the staff.

Nursery Manager, Nichola Patel, commented, “I am incredibly proud of my staff’s commitment to high standards of teaching and learning, and to ensuring that every child’s development levels are met. We look forward to continuing to deliver exceptional care and education for every family associated with our nursery.”