Parent Enquiries

If you wish to enquire about your child attending a Bright Horizons nursery, please contact us, specifying the nursery you are interested in:

Online Form
Email –

Telephone – use the number displayed in the top right


To find how to grow your career with Bright Horizons and to enquire about current vacancies, please contact:

Email –

Telephone – 0800 141 2909

Parent Payments

If you have a child at one of our Bright Horizons nurseries and have a query with your account, please contact:

Email –

Telephone – 01933 415981

General Enquiries

For any other queries not covered by any of the above, please contact:

Email –

Telephone – 01933 415900

Back-Up Care Advantage (BUCA)

If your organisation is a member of our Back-Up Care Advantage Programme, and you are looking to make a Back-Up Care booking, please contact us on the following numbers:

In the UK: 0800 247 1101

In Ireland: 1800 303 547