Our new Family App FAQ's

What do I need to do to prepare for the app?
It’s important that your nursery has your correct email address, as the information you’ll receive about the app will be sent to you via email. If you’re not sure, please check with your nursery which email address they have for you.

When can I start using it?
When your nursery goes live with the app you will receive an email from Famly, our app provider, with the link you will need to create an account and download the app.

What can I do with the app?
One of the reasons why we chose Famly as a supplier is because their app has the potential to offer us a wide range of functions which can be customised to meet the needs of our nursery families and staff teams.  However, we have taken the decision to phase the rollout of functionality to ensure we maximise the use of this technology and understand what best serves and improves the day to day life of children, parents and staff.  To begin with you will be able to:

  • Receive updates and photographs on your child’s day at the nursery
  • Send and receive messages with your child’s Key Person/Nursery Manager
  • View your child’s nursery profile
  • Confirm your photograph permissions

What do I need to do when I create my account?
Please look out for the email from Famly, our app provider, with the link you will need to register your  account and download the app. One of the key benefits of the app is that nursery families will be able to receive photos of the children and their activities they are enjoying during their nursery day.

As part of the registration process you will be asked to give your permission for the nursery to share photos via the app of your child with you and other families at your nursery.  You can still register for the app without providing this permission but that will mean you will not be able to receive photos of your child’s activities via the app.

Who can log in to the app and see my child’s information?
Your child’s information is protected and initially only people whom you have authorised as having “parental responsibility” can see their information in the app. However, if you would like to add any other people to have access please provide their details to your nursery manager.

How can I add another person to my child’s account?
Simply provide their details to your nursery manager.

Does the app work with all phones?
The app only works with smartphones but it is compatible with both Android and Apple. Please search for “Bright Horizons Family” in your chosen app store. Note: you will only be able to log into the app once your nursery have access.

How can I get help with using the app?
If you click on the ‘?' in the top right corner of the app screen you can access some tips on specific help topics and also a chat box function. If you need further help, you can call the Famly support team on 0203 514 4069.

How often should I expect updates about my child?
Since the app is new to both families and staff, it will take us all a little while to get used to it and it’s therefore difficult to make promises or predictions at this stage. We anticipate that frequency and content of updates will vary depending on individuals’ wishes and what is happening at nursery at any given time.

Can I make requests about my child’s day or needs through the app?
Yes, communication is two-way, so as well as receiving updates from your child’s Key Person or your nursery manager you can also send them messages. However, the app is not intended to replace your face to face conversations with your child’s Key Person and Nursery Manager, and where possible we would encourage you to speak directly with them.

When can I expect a response time from queries I make through the app?
As you can appreciate, staff’s key priority during the nursery day is on the children and their needs: although they will make every effort to respond to you promptly, the response time to your messages via the app will vary dependent on nursery activity. Please ensure that if you   have an urgent query you contact the nursery directly.

Can I make complaints or comments about my nursery through the app
We welcome all feedback, whether positive or constructive, from our nursery families.  However, if you have a concern we would encourage you to speak with your Nursery Manager directly so that we can ensure that the appropriate complaints process is followed. 

Can I make complaints or comments about the app through the app?
We advise you to call the Famly support team on 0203 514 4069 regarding the app itself.

Is the app GDPR compliant?
Yes it is.  Our Data Privacy and Information Security teams have assessed the application to ensure it complies with data protection and security laws, including the UK GDPR. You can find more information about how Bright Horizons processes and protects your family’s personal data at https://www.brighthorizons.co.uk/statutory-information/privacy-policy

My nursery doesn’t have the app yet, when will all nurseries have access?
We hope to have all nurseries live with the app by end of August 2021.

My app isn’t working, what can I do?
If you have technical issues with the app please call Famly on 0203 514 4069.