Canterbury Christ Church University Employee Discount Terms and Conditions

If you register your child at Bright Horizons Canterbury Day Nursery before 30th September 2019 and are an employee of Canterbury Christ Church University, you will receive 10% discount on your monthly childcare fees for that child’s place for the first 12 months (subject to the below terms and conditions):

(a) you must not already be registered with a Bright Horizons Nursery, and must register your child at the Nursery by 30th September 2019

(b) your child must commence at the Nursery on or before 1st December 2019;

(c) you must not terminate your child’s place on or before 31st December 2019;

(d) your child’s booking pattern must be at least [0.2 FTE] sessions per week (where a session is defined as 1 morning or 1 afternoon); and

(e) you must be able to present appropriate proof of employment with an eligible employer at point of registration.