Keeping Everyone Safe

“Keeping Everyone Safe” is our number one priority and company value. The safety and wellbeing of all of those in our care, our staff and our visitors is of paramount importance. We continuously strive to sustain an environment where everyone takes responsibility for their own safety and for those around them and to embed a strong behavioural safety culture at every level. 

We maintain rigorous health and safety practices compliant with the standards laid down by Regulatory Bodies. Our nurseries conduct comprehensive health and safety checks and routine fire and emergency drills on a regular basis. Qualified First Aiders are present at our nurseries at all times, and our staff teams all are trained in health and safety, child protection and hygiene practice.   We are audited for quality and for health and safety regularly – both by internal experts and by external bodies – and take action to effect continuous improvement and the highest standards.  We have received a Gold Award from RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) each year since 2012, and have a company culture of behavioural safety – each individual staff member shares responsibility for keeping everyone safe as a key component of the way we operate.

RoSPA Award 2018

Candy Floss - Our Health and Safety Super Hero

Candy Floss, a blue and green striped zebra, was created and named by our nursery children to spread the message about keeping everyone safe.  Our staff use Candy Floss to help children learn to recognise and manage risk and to embed essential safety messages. From keeping areas tidy, to crossing the road, to fire drills, Candy Floss is present throughout the nursery day and helps children understand how they can stay safe and help each other stay safe too.  He even goes home at weekends with nursery children, who take turns showing him how they keep safe at home!

Candy Floss helps the children to learn how to make safe choices, risk assess and manage their own safety which are key skills and help set them up for a safe future. He has featured in a number of regulatory body inspection reports as a positive influence for the children and a reminder of important safety issues.