The move from nursery to school can be a big transition for your child, with lots of new and exciting opportunities and experiences. It can also be a time of anxiety as new circumstances often require children to use a new level of skill or independence. Research shows that change can be stressful for children and it’s important that parents and nursery staff understand the role they play in supporting children with this significant transition. 

At Bright Horizons, our Ready for School programme has been specifically created to support your child’s next step on their learning journey, supporting them to develop the resilience skills and confidence to embrace change and be successful at school. 

This webinar will look at how children react to change and will provide practical advice for parents/carers to ensure that they and their child(ren) are confident and ready for starting school. 

The webinar will cover: 
• What changes to expect 
• How children react to change and how we can help them cope 
• How to help your child in developing new skills and encouraging independence 
• Practical considerations to help prepare your child for the big day 
• Bright Horizons’ Growing Programmes 

Our speaker, Nicola Amies, is the Director of Early Years at Bright Horizons Family Solutions, leading on the strategic vision for the delivery of care and early education in our nurseries and the Early Years workforce development. Nicola has helped to influence and shape Early Years legislation and was a member of the Tickell expert panel for the Review of the Early Years Foundation Stage and the Nutbrown Review of the Early Years Workforce. Nicola has given evidence at the Select Committee on School Readiness, and is a member of the Children's Partnership Stakeholder group that advises Government on Early Education and Childcare. Recently, Nicola has been instrumental in driving Bright Horizons partnership with the School Direct Early Years Teacher Training programme.

Download the Preparing for Starting School slides.