Welcome to Work

We believe our people’s potential is endless and with this in mind, we aspire to create an environment where our colleagues can thrive and accomplish the things they thought impossible.  This is achieved through our commitment to ongoing learning and development for our people and we are proud to offer a wide range of training opportunities, including:

Learning and Leading with HEART and Continuous Professional Development

Our Learning and Leading with HEART framework supports each Bright Horizons colleague on the first steps of their leadership journey, with lots of resources and materials to help you grow and develop in your career.

We understand that our employees thrive when they are offered robust opportunities to continue along their chosen path. Our commitment to Continuous Professional Development supports the lifelong learning process of our employees, and our succession planning enables us to respond to your individual needs and objectives.

World Class Welcome Programme

At Bright Horizons, our three month World Class Welcome Programme extends a warm welcome to all new members of the Bright Horizons family. We want our employees to feel like you belong and to know that your work and ideas are truly valued, but also to understand your role, how you contribute to the success of our organisation and provide World Class Care and Education.

Behavioural Safety

At Bright Horizons, Keeping Everyone Safe is our number one priority and as part of our ongoing culture of Keeping Everyone Safe, we have developed a Behavioural Safety framework, which is available to all employees. The framework ensures we all think safety first and improves practices that will keep our children and employees safe.

Great 8 Compliance Training Programme

We provide a comprehensive four level compliance programme, which forms the foundation for our World Class Welcome. We have eight key training areas to ensure you receive the highest level of guidance and we are committed to Keeping Everyone Safe, building capability and enhancing development in each role.

Building a Resilient Workforce

Our commitment to Keeping Everyone Safe includes both physical and psychological wellbeing and we are focused on supporting our employees’ overall wellbeing too. We know how hard our teams work and how dedicated they are to making a difference to the lives of children, families and their local community. We are pleased to provide a range of resources and tools to help you carefully balance your work and personal life, and help you to bring your whole self to work.