Bright Horizons was founded to provide an innovative solution to the lack of affordable, high-quality, childcare for working families.

Alongside community nurseries, our core business and expertise is employer-sponsored family care. We are proud to partner with many respected organisations in both the private and public sectors to provide workplace nurseries and back-up care programmes which cover children, adults and elders.

Over the past 20 years our hard work, commitment and dedication has had fantastic results – we have seen impressive growth in terms of numbers of clients and nurseries, and also in the range of services we now provide.

We’re never content to sit back and ‘rest on our laurels’.

We continue to ‘push the boundaries’ and have changed the ‘business landscape’ of dependent care solutions in the UK.

Bright Horizons pioneered the provision of emergency dependent care through our back-up care programmes, and we have made significant achievements in our field - including the operation of the only dedicated back-up care nursery in Europe for one of our investment banking clients in London.

Many of our clients have now been with us for over ten years – a clear indication to us that we are continuing to meet and exceed our clients’ needs!