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High levels of wellbeing: do your employees have it?

From childcare and looking after loved ones to car breakdowns, these are just a few of things keeping employees up at night. They’re also a few of the things that can affect performance too, with employees distracted or worried by other important matters.

Wellbeing can play a vital role in supporting your employees’ productivity when faced with interruptions in life and at work. Measuring wellbeing provides a good indication of how employees really feel about themselves and gives employers an understand of what’s really happening with their workforce.

Research conducted by Horizons Workforce Consulting highlights that employers who support wellbeing are able to build a strong workforce and differentiate themselves from other organisations and drive success. In a nutshell – employee wellbeing is key to organisational success.

Click here to download your copy of the report: Employee Wellbeing: an essential building block for a high-performing workforce