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A Unique Understanding of Business Challenges Worldwide

Horizons Workforce Consulting experts have worked with employers around the world to identify and respond to specific challenges in each locale. We understand that no two countries’ challenges are exactly the same and that a service that works domestically may not resonate in another part of the globe.

Our proprietary research includes data about best practices and key challenges related to working parents, women, Millenials, and more. We understand that, depending upon location, a company’s ability to thrive may be directly related to parental leave, working women, or overall policies related to wellbeing.

Addressing Dependant Care, a Universal Concern

High-quality childcare is a key to working parents’ personal and professional success no matter where they are. For employers worldwide, helping parents with their childcare challenges is pivotal to both top performance and to employees who are engaged, productive, and dedicated to their organisations’ success. But to be effective, solutions must function within the framework of the individual country’s laws and traditions.

We’ve helped clients explore the impact of dependant care solutions on international workforces, and to successfully implement thriving international childcare strategies that support both employees’ needs and an employer’s strategic goals.

A Range of Models for Employers

Horizons Workforce Consultants understand – and respond to – specific concerns about operating childcare overseas. The absence of local regulations and standards means there’s no framework for measuring, evaluating, or even defining what quality care in some countries should look like. Such lack of oversight creates both funding obstacles and liability concerns.

Our knowledge of international requirements for employer-sponsored early care and education enables our consultants to address those concerns. We provide a framework that represents best practices in education, safety, hygiene, staff development, curriculum, risk management, and design, allowing employers to successfully launch culturally sensitive care in a variety of geographies around the globe.

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