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Our Programmes

The coaching programmes include Parent Transition Coaching for new or expecting mothers and fathers, Coach Training for line managers and internal training, Executive Coaching to support leaders at the top of their organisations, and Career Development Coaching to help employees enhance their performance and guide them to reach the next level.

Combining Coaching and Practical Support

Supporting and retaining talented employees is crucial during periods of change in their lives. Practical help and support can ensure your employees feel valued and are resilient to the changes that may be happening around them.

Combining both coaching and practical support, such as workplace nurseries or back-up care, ensures your employees have the emotional and practical help to return to work or keep them from leaving.

At Bright Horizons, we’re uniquely qualified to provide your employees with coaching services in addition to our award-winning Care Advantage back-up child and adult care programme and our workplace nursery expertise.

Tailored to You

Our coaching experts already work with a variety of market-leading organisations across almost every sector and at all levels of business, building programmes tailored to both your organisation and your people. With a mixture of face to face and 1:1 coaches, webinars and workshops, the programmes provides flexibility and support for employees, including those who work across different offices or geographies.

Always in Control

Our dedicated team of Account Managers are with you every step of the way, ensuring your coaching programme is working effectively for your organisation and your people.

In addition to your regular workplace nursery and back-up care reporting, our team provide weekly MI and usage reports for your coaching programme while also sharing important feedback on how the programme is positively supporting your employees.

Benefits for Everyone

Benefits for Employers

Increased Retention

Employees who are supported and feel valued during periods of change are more likely to feel confident in their role. 

Higher Productivity

With increased support, employees can focus on their work and strive for success. 

Greater Leadership Development

A supportive environment gives employees the opportunity to improve their performance and leadership through developing their skills and confidence – a talent pipeline!

Benefits for Employees

Feeling Supported

With expert guidance and time to reflect, employees with coaching are likely to feel supported and valued by their organisation. 

Managing the Transition

Through a selection of programmes tailored to meet the needs of every workforce, employees feel confident throughout key periods of transition and in control at all times. 

Maintaining Positivity

Coaching can help your talented employees maintain their work/life balance and keep their careers on track without the worry that something might have to give.

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