Whether you’re considering creating a purpose-built facility or converting an existing environment, finding the right space which meets requirements for a workplace nursery is very important.

Thankfully, it’s also fairly straightforward! To help you find the right place for your nursery, we’ve created a quick and simple check list:

  • Heat, power and light.  Starting at the beginning, much like we need air, water and food, a workplace nursery requires a source of heat, power and lots of light.
  • Easy access.   If you’re considering converting an existing space, we’d recommend that the nursery is situated in the basement, on ground level or the first floor to provide easy access for your employees and their families.
  • Outdoor environment.  Providing access to a secure outdoor area is an important element in a child’s early learning and play experiences so an outdoor space is a must.
  • Suitable space. The number of children that can be cared for in one room is dependent on the size of space.  This is mandatory and set out by early years regulators, such as Ofsted.  A broad rule of thumb in determining the space required for a specific number of children, or how many children can be cared for in a space, is 70 square feet per place. For example, 3,500 sq. ft. is required for a 50 place nursery.

Once you’ve found the right space, you might want to think about design and interior specification. We’d always recommend discussing your thoughts with a nursery operator or an appropriate designer/architect to ensure the nursery meets your requirements and provides an inspiring and exciting environment for children and families.

Bright Horizons has a wealth of experience in workplace nurseries and we operate nurseries in a variety of places – from highly-secure military bases and government buildings to the offices of some of the world’s most prestigious organisations. They also range from purpose-built facilities to environments within pre-fabricated buildings that are placed on land made available by employers.

You’ll be surprised at where you can situate your nursery!