From full-time childcare to eldercare and more, finding the right solution to support our workforces’ caring responsibilities and our organisations can be a complex decision. 

Bright Horizons is proud to partner with more than 100 leading employers in the UK, and over 900 worldwide, across nearly every industry. With a wealth of experience in workplace nurseries and back-up dependant care, we’re proud to share our expertise and guidance, and the answers our most frequently asked questions on employer-sponsored care.

So, ‘is a workplace nursery right for my organisation?’

For any organisation exploring the option of a workplace nursery, we would always recommend the following qualifying questions are considered:

  • Cultural fit. Is a workplace nursery the best cultural fit? Is it consistent with your brand and proposition to employees?
  • Senior advocacy. Are your organisation’s senior leaders interested? If the answer to the first question is ‘yes’, the answer to this question should also be ‘yes’.
  • Commercial viability. Will the nursery work commercially? We would recommend that a workplace nursery should be at a site with more than 500 employees, where parents are easily able to bring their children to their place of work. There are full tax and national insurance savings available on nursery fees too to encourage enrolment and recognise an employer’s investment.

A workplace nursery could be a fantastic addition to your organisation and support both you and your employees to achieve their potential.

We’re always pleased to have an exploratory conversation and share our experience. You can get in touch by email at or by telephone on 08432 898 579.