Once an employer begins exploring the possibility of a workplace nursery and has determined if it is initially right for their organisation, the next important question we would recommend to consider, especially when formulating or drafting a business case, is ‘will a workplace nursery be a good cultural fit’?

Determining cultural fit can appear to be an expansive question but creating the right culture can have a positive impact on recruitment, retention and productivity. A great place to start when exploring your company’s culture is to understand if a workplace nursery is consistent with your organisation’s core values and mission, brand, and share how it will support your employees to bring their whole selves to work and be an employer of choice.

If a workplace nursery is consistent with your company’s culture, we would suggest that a senior leader is also engaged during the very early stages to support and sponsor the project.

Workplace nurseries are versatile and flexible to meet the needs, requirements and culture of many organisations and sectors, including the House of Commons, the Ministry of Defence, leading technology firms and progressive manufacturers.

Microsoft are committed to their workforce – they pride themselves on being an innovative workplace which fosters a flexible working culture, focused on trust in its people, giving employees the freedom to manage their work through a new digital work style and providing them with the technology and a culture of openness and transparency to work in a self-determined manner.

Microsoft opened a workplace nursery at their campus at Thames Valley Park. Recognising their company demographic was changing, with increasing numbers of parents in the workforce, they identified great potential for a nursery space.

“The nursery has helped with attracting candidates, but more especially has driven retention.  The reassurance of knowing that their child is safe and happy – and close by – means the world to Microsoft families. They are welcome to visit their child for lunch or take part in a nursery activity, and for nursing mothers the proximity of the nursery helps them to manage feeding patterns and ease the return to work.” Mary Giles, Compensation & Benefits Manager, Microsoft



Our experience tells us that cultural fit is essential, especially with your proposition to your employees, so it is an important question to ask to ensure your workplace nursery gets off the ground.

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