We all know how unpredictable the weather in the UK can be; one minute it’s blue skies and sunshine, the next it’s raining. 

While we’ve come to accept our ever-changing climate conditions, the weather can still play havoc with our plans.  Coping with school closures, long journeys and a little less sleep due to our morning attempts for snow and ice removal are just a few of the typical issues we face when bad weather strikes.

They are however, not the only ones. Often the issues which have the most impact are the ones we don’t expect, which occur in the wake of bad weather.

The cost of getting to work

For many commuters and city dwellers, public transport is part and parcel to urban life. In times of severe weather however, it shuts down, leaving people without means to get to work. Although flexible working is on the rise some just have to be in the office regardless of the forecast. And options are limited – and often costly – with car rentals and taxis becoming the tip of the iceberg. 

Rescheduling work commitments 

Rescheduling a work commitment due to weather is not unusual but some of the reasons overheard for rescheduling, overheard in the office this Winter, have been. These included:

  • Waiting for the plumber to arrive due to frozen pipes and heating issues
  • Driving children to school regularly because the school bus was unable to operate safely
  • Shovelling snow from the driveway so it was safe to walk

Back-Up Care and Business Continuity

Many employers are now offering emergency childcare and adult care through Bright Horizons as part of their business continuity plan – a plan which no doubt has been and will continue to be implemented this winter!

We’re proud to be able to offer so many families and employers with emergency care solutions when their care crisis strikes – from school closures and poorly children, to last minute hospital appointments for their loved ones.  With an emergency childcare and dependant care solution, families and employees have the support they need to carry on their routine and avoid the panic and scramble. 

Back-Up Care is the solution for one-off ‘breakdowns’ in care.

Real Employees, Real Employers, Real Stories

“We have used back up care approximately 8-10 times in the past six months. I have recommended the service to all the colleagues in my team I was that impressed. It has saved the day on many occasions!”

“As a first time mum, with no family in the country, the back-up care programme helped us immensely when we didn't have any other options.”

 “The programme is a safety net; it gives our employees the confidence to take the next step in their career because they have that back-up. It’s something that all our employees can appreciate, something good to have when you need it...”

“For the business the benefit is easy to maintain and brings big rewards. Similarly for employees, access to emergency care brings them peace of mind and helps them to be productive and focused at work.”

For employers, the benefits of Bright Horizons Back-Up Care programme are proven – with a sigh of relief when the going gets tough, reduced absenteeism and increasing productivity, engagement, recruitment and retention.

With the right plan for business continuity, we can weather all life’s challenges.