London: the home of Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, the National Gallery, and two major central business districts. Against the vibrant city backdrop, London is also home from home for a growing number of children who are coming into the city for a day of play and learning at nursery.

The Goldman Sachs Children’s Centre, situated on London’s Fleet Street in the heart of the city, was the feature of a recent BBC article. Highly unique, the Children’s Centre is the only onsite childcare facility in the Square Mile and opened in 2003 in partnership with Bright Horizons to provide back-up childcare for Goldman Sachs employees.

For those wishing to return to work after the birth or adoption of a child, high-quality, affordable and accessible childcare can be a significant factor in a family’s decision. It can also greatly impact a family’s decision to remain in the workplace and with a particular employer, helping both employees and employers to thrive.

Goldman Sachs identified the childcare challenge and saw an exciting opportunity. Sally Boyle, the international head of human resources at Goldman, tells the BBC “We've definitely seen it [the Children’s Centre] have an impact on retention of a smallish group of women but important women who wouldn't have stayed I suspect if they hadn't been able to manage that childcare in a way that they can here.”

Ishmeet Rayit, Nursery Manager at the Goldman Sachs Children's Centre, said "The kids call it an office day. They get taken out for lunch by their parents and they make friends here."

Today, the nursery remains an invaluable support as the BBC report for one employee, the Children’s Centre “has been a lifesaver” and “has made me feel a lot more relaxed and mentally ready to come back to work a lot earlier than I would have and I think it helps new mums with separation guilt or anxieties about returning to work”.

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