When we think of what we wanted to be when we grew up, it’s fair to say most of us considered the possibility of one exciting career path: superhero.

It’s easy to understand why too, with special costumes, secret identities, superpowers and the responsibility of protecting world – a high-tech knight in shining armour!

While reality dawned and the potential of becoming Batman or Wonder Woman was soon realised to be slim, there are some who have made the impossible possible.  This Sunday, we’re celebrating the real-life superheroes: Mothers. 

Clark Kent of the Working World

Today’s mothers truly are doing it all.  Even this Mother’s Day there’s no stopping them, with three-quarters reporting they’ll also be taking on the additional responsibility of carer, friend, sister, daughter and even granddaughter on Sunday. 

Over the last twelve months we’ve also seen the highest number of working families since records began and a growing number of mothers balancing a career with caring for those who depend on them. 

With multiple responsibilities, they’re the Clark Kent of the corporate environment and lead a 24 hour role on top of their formal 9 to 5.

Care Crisis? Mum to the rescue!

When the crisis strikes, our heroes step into action too, however this also means juggling other priorities and responsibilities.

Today’s working environments mean it is mothers who are the first person on call when there’s a problem with care and must be ready to act.  Our latest Modern Families Index highlighted that over half of working families said it’s easier for mothers to take time off work for caring responsibilities, while 88% said they’re the first person on call. 

Even without a phone box handy for a costume change, working mothers are always ready to save the day.


It’s clear mothers are striving to do it all and we’re extremely proud of them but even with superhuman effort – every hero has its kryptonite.  With childcare responsibilities, workplace expectations, and chores to be completed around the home, balancing work and family life is having an increasing impact. 

Mothers are now choosing between their careers and family life, and the pressures of trying to do both mean something has to give.  Our study highlighted that over half of mothers would consider their childcare before applying for a promotion. With recruitment and retention top of the agenda for the majority of employers, these statistics identify the growing need for sustainable care solutions.

Saving the Day

Finding the right support for families remains a key priority and Government, employers and families themselves are seeking to find solutions.  We’ve certainly seem some steps in the right direction, with increasing help with the cost of childcare and additional initiatives to target those most in need, and there’s lots more to be done too.

Mothers really are our modern day knights in shining armour and this Mother’s Day, we’ll take an extra moment to recognise and celebrate the heroes in our lives.