Relocating from abroad opens the door of opportunity

Working abroad or relocating is becoming a common trend in the fast-moving world of globalisation. Many organisations are expanding into different economies and often requiring their top talent to help make the strategic transition a success.

Whilst the thought of transitioning from the rainy regions of the UK to an exotic climate is exciting, the task of relocating can be daunting. In addition to finding somewhere to live and often understanding different cultures and languages, employees also have new workplaces, working practices and colleagues to meet. So as our organisations cross the boarders, how can we help to make relocating a success?

I am proud to say that I am someone who has experienced relocating for work. I was born in the UK and lived here for 16 years before my family relocated to the west coast of Canada. I enjoyed my time in Canada and started a career as a print journalist but in March 2017, I decided to return home to the UK to continue my career here.

This decision marked the second biggest relocation of my life and there was certainly some anxiety having lived in another country for so many years. What would the workforce in the UK be like? Would I adapt to the UK way of life? Would the skills and knowledge from my Canadian education and experience be helpful?

Soon after returning home I joined Bright Horizons as Public Relations and Engagement Executive and I am delighted to say that it has been a success.

For me, the biggest factor in my success has been knowing that I am here for the long haul. Relocation can bring a variety of uncertainty around career routes but having my career path clearly identified and the opportunity to train and develop in my role has helped me to feel confident in the workplace and to see a future with Bright Horizons. The culture of the workplace has also meant that although I have changed environments, the people around me are my colleagues and my friends and we inspire each other each and every day.

Creating a strong career path and providing meaningful development opportunities for our talented people can make a significant difference in enabling our people to feel confident and happy in the workplace when a change has happened. It’s also beneficial to our organisations too in encouraging retention, productivity and commitment.

I am looking forward to my continued career path with Bright Horizons and the exciting years that lie ahead.

Ross Armour, Public Relations and Engagement Executive