It’s a fact of life as a working parent: Every care arrangement can break down from time to time. When employees miss work to care for their children or adult dependants however, employers are often left with a disruption in their work routine and potential loss of productivity.

It’s clear that employer-sponsored back-up care is a resource that support organisations and employees, positively affecting productivity and commitment, as well as organisational recruitment and retention. 

So here are our top five examples of the business benefits of back-up care and how it can come to the rescue:

Recruitment and Retention

Working parents with back-up care are far more likely to stay with their employer – confident in the knowledge their back-up care programme is available when the going gets tough. In fact, in a survey by Horizons Workforce Consulting*, 92% of respondents said back-up care would be important if they were to consider changing employer and 64% said it was important in their decision to join their company.


When organisations support employees and recognise the complexity of their lives holistically, employee engagement increases.  Back-up care has a strong impact on engagement, with 90% of those respondents with back-up care feeling their organisation values them as an employee, and 82% willing to give extra effort to help their organisation succeed.



Back-up care is proven to have a positive impact on productivity and supporting your employees to get their work done – with almost 90% of respondents being able to work on a day that would otherwise not have been possible!

A Safety Net for new Parents

Supporting women following maternity leave is shown to have a strong impact on recruitment, especially new parents, with over 70% of women saying back-up care was important in their decision to return to work after the birth or adoption of a child.

Availability for All

With more working families than ever before and an increase in those part of the ‘sandwich generation’, caring for both children and adult dependants, back-up care provides support for a variety of caregiving responsibilities, including young children, school-aged children, and adult/elder dependants.

Back-up care provides peace of mind for employees and helps employers avoid costly losses by alleviating their workforces’ challenges.

For information about Bright Horizons Care Advantage programme, click here.

“As a first time mum, with no family in the country, the back-up care programme helped us immensely.” Back-Up Care user

I always feel much more secure in knowing that I have backup. It’s such a simple easy service to use and Back-Up Consultants are always available - even out of standard office hours.Back-Up Care user

We have used back up care approximately 8-10 times in the past six months. I have recommended the service to all the colleagues in my team I was that impressed. It has saved the day on many occasions!” Back-Up Care user

“Back-up care is certainly something I would strongly recommend to anyone who is yet to provide it.” Back-Up Care client

“For the business the benefit is easy to maintain and brings big rewards. Similarly for employees, access to emergency care brings them peace of mind and helps them to be productive and focused at work.” Back-Up Care client

*Lasting Impact of Employer-Sponsored Back-Up Care. Horizons Workforce Consulting, 2010.