Bright Horizons and Working Families are delighted to announce the official launch of the 2015 Modern Families Index report.
Helping working families and employers to find the right kind of support and to achieve a better balance between our responsibilities at home and at work has never been more important than it is today. Over the last twelve months, we have seen the highest number of working families since records began almost two decades ago and one thing is certain – balancing work and family life continues to be an ongoing challenge for the majority of families.
The 2015 Modern Families Index captures an invaluable picture into modern family life and our key findings include:

  • Family remains the number one priority for working families, taking precedence over relationships, hobbies, work and friends and the community.
  • Working Dads are nervous to discuss family commitments with their employers.
  • Work is substantially impacting the amount of time parents can spend with their family.
  • The worry of caring for their own parents in the next 10 years is a reality for 2 in 5 working parents.
  • Almost 75% of working parents use paid annual leave to support their childcare requirements.
  • For more than half of working parents, staying late at work is the only way to meet their workload.