The twenty-first century has brought many changes: we've seen a growing and ageing population, over three billion active social media accounts, and even a driverless car.

Most interestingly however, we've seen more working families than ever before and a continued rise to a record high in the number of working mothers – many of which with young children.

In a recent article published by Harper’s Bazaar, these latest statistics are a consequence of a new, and very exciting, way of working. No longer are women choosing between a fulfilling career and family life; instead the opportunities are there to blend the two and integrate our personal lives with our work.

Employers are realising the benefits too and softening the boundaries.  There’s a growing increase in workplace flexibility, the need for accessible, reliable and sustainable childcare, and new policies to support parents. Organisations are seeing increased recruitment and retention, and staff who are both engaged, productive and bringing their whole selves to work.

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