If you work in HR, you're probably thinking the best way to recruit a Millennial right now would be to have a Pikachu in the office. And you're probably right too.

The explosion of Millennials searching for Ghastly and Rattatas is incredible and while we can’t all be Pokestops (although there’s a few who are that wish they weren’t!), this tells us something very important about what Millennials are looking for.

From the Pokemon handbook to your HR strategy, here are top tips for recruiting Millennials:

Go Mobile

No Pokemon master is running around hauling a desktop, which is an important indication of how our new workforce are engaging and surfing the net. Make sure your recruitment tactics – from social media to blogs and your website – is mobile-friendly to catch Millennial job hunters.

Create a Community

Pokemon players told us that what they love the most about the game is the interaction with others. In a digital world with virtual offices, the Millennial generation want to come together at the same location where they can engage in conversation with different people who share the same interest.

Define Purpose

Whether or not reaching level 5 to battle other Pokemon trainers can be defined as “purpose” is perhaps a conversation for another day. But, seeing the goal and taking action is certainly attractive, particularly for Millennials who are results orientated and like to see the success of what they’re doing.

Create a Challenge

Chasing Charizard is a challenge and learning is in Millennial DNA. In fact, these kids grew up chasing more degrees than any generation before and they want to be challenged again and again.

Keep it Simple

With a simple flick of a finger and no complicated controls, it’s incredibly simple to play and easy to understand, and that’s what our employees want: a clear goal, simple instructions and a working environment that is accessible to all.

So with more than 100 million downloads, there a certainly a few clues for HR.