We recently published an article on improving employee wellbeing to help understand what wellbeing really is, its importance in our workplace and what we can do to improve and enable our employees to bring their whole selves to work. 

There’s one area of wellbeing which we did not discuss however: the importance of sleep.

In a recent article, published by our US colleagues at Horizons Workforce Consulting, “there’s one area of health that employers would do well to take aim at – that would be sleep”.

In a study of 4,000 people, fewer than half of employees get enough sleep. The impact is significant too, with poor sleepers three times as likely to feel burned out at work and six times more likely to feel unable to meet regular job requirements.

In fact, the article highlights that “poor sleepers can be a serious drain on the effectiveness of an organisation”.

So what’s the answer? Our employees want sleep. In fact, they need it. Any steps an employer can take to facilitate the pastoral landscape of sweet dreams would not only be appreciated, but impactful too.

We’re not suggesting employer’s sneak into their employee’s rooms and switch off the lights, but encouraging sleep could be the answer; from promoting “sleep healthy tips” on the intranet to making your bedroom more sleep friendly, and also your bedtime rituals too.

A more practical approach might be useful also, encouraging our employees who are often juggling busy working lives with caring for a family to take a few hours back to catch some zzzzz.

For Horizons Workforce Consulting researchers, it’s just one more important bit of evidence that employers shouldn’t be paying attention solely to performance at work, but to what’s impacting those performances too.

Click here to download our research into the Impact of Sleep on Work Performance and Quality of Life.